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Put Unused Goods To Good Use

Donate your supplies and excess inventory and we’ll get them to our network of nonprofits, helping you do good, avoid waste, and save on disposal costs.

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Don’t Need It? Someone Else Does

Donated products like medical supplies, building materials, or daily necessities, are always in demand.

With, excess inventory due to returns, imperfections, or product changes needn’t go to waste. Just ask, and we can tell you how to put your items to good use.

Courtesy of Donate PPE

Courtesy of Donate PPE

Your Platform for How To Help

How do you help in a crisis? The Flexport platform, designed to bring visibility and control to global trade, can be your guide. You and your team can use this technology—without charge—to move donations, see real-time progress, and coordinate with nonprofit partners on the ground.

Courtesy of Eco-Soap Bank

Courtesy of Eco-Soap Bank

Get Discounted Shipping and Marketing Support

When you donate products or supplies through, you may also get significant discounts on shipping for those shipments. Additionally, we can highlight your donation with press releases, case studies, or other marketing support.

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Helping Communities One Pair of Socks at a Time

Bombas has a two-fold mission: Create the world’s best socks and donate one pair for every pair sold.

Starting as a Flexport customer, they gained visibility into their commercial shipments and advice on operations strategy. They also learned could help move their donations with equal efficiency and cost savings.

“Flexport helped us move 1.2 million socks, ultimately getting those socks to partners 60 days earlier,” says Drew Morrison, Director of Operations.


days—that’s how much earlier Bombas moved 1.2 million socks to its nonprofit partners with

Courtesy of Bombas

Courtesy of Bombas