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Baby supplies in the foreground of a refugee shelter

Humanitarian Relief: How You Can Help enables organizations to deliver global aid and impact—and meet their sustainability goals with greater ease and lower costs.

We’re currently organizing shipments of relief supplies for Ukrainian refugees, much needed food to people in the Horn of Africa, and other people in need. Please donate today to help us ship critical aid, including hospital beds, medical equipment, and food to people in need locally and globally.

To learn more about the impact of your donation, please visit our blog post for the most recent information about our ongoing disaster relief efforts.

Donation amount

Donation amount

I understand that my donation goes to the Fund, managed by CAF America to be used to help pay for shipments intended for charitable purposes such as disaster relief, economic development, and product donations.
I understand that this contribution becomes the property of CAF America. All grants made by CAF America are in its sole and independent discretion.
To donate via other methods, please contact