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The Fund for Outsized Impact

To make a bigger difference, give to the Fund. You will provide logistical support that increases the impact of aid locally and globally.

Donations to the Fund, managed by CAF America, pay for transportation costs for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations.

To make donations of stock, or from a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), please email

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Leverage Logistics for Good

Crises present tough logistical burdens. By shouldering these burdens for nonprofits and NGOs—like International Medical Corps, Partners in Health, and Rise Against Hunger—you help them do more good.

Illustration of medical staff surrounded by medical supplies

Limit Harm With Speed

The faster aid arrives the more benefit it brings, and the more lasting harm—to children, communities, and the environment—it prevents. The Fund hastens aid delivery by unblocking costs and sets the stage for long-term partnerships.

A person walking in front of a truck that is filled with supplies

Technology for Global Good

Knowing exactly where aid is and when it will arrive is a huge benefit to everyone.

Flexport’s technology, available free to the fund’s nonprofit recipients, makes life easier for organizations relying on complex supply chains.

Screenshot of a map from the Flexport platform

Donor or Shipper? The Fund Closes the Gap

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Want To Help the Helpers?

Help nonprofits deliver their aid.

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Are You a Nonprofit or NGO?

Learn how can help move your mission forward.