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Active Since March 2022

Actively Supporting Ukraine Relief

Since the beginning of our effort to support Ukraine, we’ve collaborated with 22 humanitarian organizations and delivered an equivalent of 194 airplanes full of supplies. Data last updated on October 23, 2022.


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What We’ve Accomplished 6 Months Later

In 6 months, over 6 million people from the Ukraine have received much needed care from the aid delivered by We could not have achieved this milestone without your donations.

So far, our Ukraine Relief efforts amount to over 9 million pounds of aid (that includes a donation of 14 ambulances) distributed to 6 countries. The volume of aid that we’ve shipped is equivalent to 194 airplanes full of supplies—a feat we could not have tackled without your generosity.

Ukraine 6 months

How You Can Make a Difference enables organizations to deliver global aid and impact—all while meeting their sustainability goals with greater ease and lower costs. Please donate today to help us ship life-saving aid to people in need locally and globally.

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Impact Story: Sending Aid Quickly With a Speedy Supply Chain

To help alleviate the crisis, UNICEF teamed up with to deliver 5,500+ WASH and Dignity kits—the first packages deployed in a sudden-onset emergency. These single-family packages include supplies for the needs of one household (or five people) for up to one month with essential goods.

" has enhanced our ability to respond to large-scale and sudden-onset crises by widening global transportation and logistics networks in hard-to-reach locations. We’ve distributed lifesaving supplies to crisis zones all over the world." -- Gisela Henrique, Deputy Director of Operations, UNICEF Supply Division

 UNICEF WASH and Dignity kits: Distribution in Ukraine

UNICEF WASH and Dignity kits: Distribution in Ukraine

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